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  • wasd Move
  • mouse scroll Change Weapon
  • move mouse Aim
  • left mouse button Shoot
  • space Call Allies

Your favourite action hero is back in Commando Rush, a series of fast and furious quick fire missions.

Battle across 3 locations in 4 modes:

Assault – Push forward against an enemy advance to defeat a series of turrets and bosses. Destroy the enemy HQ and all opposing forces to win.

Wave – A classic survival mode. Hold out as long as you can.

Payload – Get a timed bomb to the enemy base before the clock runs out. Don’t let the enemy destroy it before you get there!

Aerial Assault – Shoot down enemy helicopters, capture the flags they drop and deliver them to the matching base.

Rank up to unlock all game modes, as well as awesome weapons including guns, blades, explosives, launchers and specials.

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There are 23 awards in Commando: Rush. View All Awards

  • Commando Rush Rookie
  • Commando Rush Private
  • Commando Rush Private I
  • Commando Rush Private II
  • Commando Rush Private First Class I
  • Commando Rush Private First Class II
  • Commando Rush Specialist I
  • Commando Rush Specialist II
  • Commando Rush Specialist III
  • Commando Rush Corporal
  • Commando Rush First Blood
  • Commando Rush Mission Accomplished
  • Commando Rush Express Delivery
  • Commando Rush Bring It On!
  • Commando Rush Turret Takedown
  • Commando Rush Ace of Base
  • Commando Rush Scrap Dealer
  • Commando Rush: Master Commando
  • Commando Rush: Can't Kill This
  • Commando Rush: I believe I Can Fly!
  • Commando Rush: Flag Hoarder
  • Commando Rush: Ka-Ching!
  • Commando Rush: Fully Loaded

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