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You don't have to be a soccer expert to play MiniSoccer - just be ready to have fun! Challenge live players in real-time multiplayer matches with up to 6 people. Create a private room and play with your friends, or join a random match and make new ones. Don't want to be stuck in goal? Set an AI goalkeeper so you're free to sprint to the ball and score! Set time or score limits and play to your heart's content. If you want to see what it's all about first, watch the action in Spectator mode.

Join in and show off your super soccer skills - play MiniSoccer now!

The controls are customizable in the options menu. Now with new pitch with rounded corners for more interesting ball bounces, pitch voting system (in case you still like the square pitch!), improved AI goal keepers and new profile badges!

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There are 14 awards in MiniSoccer. View All Awards

  • Score 10 Goals
  • Score 25 Goals
  • Score 50 Goals
  • Win 10 Matches
  • Win 25 Matches
  • Win 50 Matches
  • Score 100 Goals
  • Score 250 Goals
  • Score 500 Goals
  • Score 1000 Goals
  • Win 100 Matches
  • Win 250 Matches
  • Win 500 Matches
  • Win 1000 Matches

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