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  • up Accelerate
  • down Brake
  • left right Lean
  • space Nitro
  • Z

Be warned. Motocross Nitro will bring out your inner speed demon as you race your motorbike over a variety of terrains and tracks, pulling daring stunts and leaving the competition in the dust.

Customize your bike to best suit each terrain and then challenge your opponents to sprints, races and freestyle competitions as you show off your best tricks and cross the finishing line ahead of the pack. Unlock new levels, tricks and upgrades as you win each race and max out improvements to your bike and rider so you can rock the competition. This is the complete Motocross experience.

Engines ready? Rider ready? Let’s take it to the track.

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There are 33 awards in Motocross Nitro. View All Awards

  • Champion Gold
  • Champion Silver
  • Champion Bronze
  • Challenge Legend
  • Challenge Expert
  • Challenge Master
  • Ultimate Collector
  • Trick Collector
  • Bike Collector
  • Bronze Cup
  • Silver Cup
  • Gold Cup
  • Stuntman
  • Freestyle Master
  • Freestyle Expert
  • Freestyle Legend
  • Test Pilot
  • Wheelie Master
  • Wheelie Expert
  • Wheelie Legend
  • First Prize
  • Experienced Racer
  • Veteran Racer
  • Pro Racer
  • Traveller
  • Wayfarer
  • Gas Guzzler
  • Freestyle Cup
  • Supercross Cup
  • Motocross Cup
  • Hillclimb Cup
  • Born to Ride
  • Winter Cup

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