Adobe is ending support for Flash after December 31. This means that Miniclip will no longer be able to host Road Of Fury after that date.


  • move mouse Aim
  • 123 Defensive devices

Race down the road for as long as you can while coming under attack by enemies throwing bombs from the back of trucks, shooting from motorbikes and even firing mortars while flying with jetpacks! Earn money by destroying the bandits that try to run you off the road and unlock more cars with a variety of defensive mechanisms to join your convoy. The distance you go and the number of enemies killed determines your score, so be sure to upgrade your vehicle and build a good team of vehicles around you to help you win more points!


There are 3 awards in Road Of Fury. View All Awards

  • Road of Fury Bronze Award
  • Road of Fury Silver Award
  • Road of Fury Gold Award

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